Haven't you ever dreamed of being able to play with time?

In this game, time will be your weapon. You'll have to break into a building with a vault in it to steal it. But, I warn you, there will be robots who don't agree with you.

Who developed this?

  • Eliott Jaquier - Audio, Programming and Game Design
  • Elio Lecoq - Graphic Artist
  • Amos Lecoq - Game Design

But... why are you still reading these lines? Come and play our first game we made during a Game Jam - Brackeys Jam 2020.2! (It's more fun than reading this)

Development log


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It's a great and funny game. Awesome design and smart switch between future and past ! Good job guys

Thanks for your feedback! We hope you've had fun!

very good game

thanks !